Level 5 Rental Agency: we bring the best together

Because a rental agent is only as good as the match that he or she manages to achieve, Level 5 Rental Agency brings the best of two worlds together.

We help real estate owners, foundations and private investors who want to rent their valuable property to tenants who are just as careful with it as the owners. And we help tenants who want to rent a well-maintained home and who care about clear rental agreements. At Level 5 Rental Agency we achieve the perfect match for all parties.

The 5 strengths of Level 5 Rental Agency

A great many property owners and tenants are already familiar with the transparent service that Level 5 Rental Agency provides. They praise our service because we offer:

  1. Market knowledge. We have detailed knowledge of the real estate market in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Utrecht. You can see it in our broad rental portfolio amongst other things. Moreover, through our carefully developed network, we have constant access to a variety of potential tenants.
  2. Know-how about legislation and regulations. What regulations should your property meet? Level 5 Rental Agency closely follows developments in legislation and promptly informs real estate owners. As a result, new tenants can rely on a home where there's nothing to worry about when it comes to legal matters.
  3. Personal contact. Naturally we bring houses and tenants together for you on our site. But in addition, we believe in personal contact and short lines of communication. As a result, we can respond better to your needs.
  4. Transparency. At Level 5 Rental Agency, we believe in openness. We're open about our way of working, rental terms and conditions and our rates. It's the easiest and most honest approach.
  5. Speed. Time and patience is sometimes required to match tenant and property. But if necessary, we can also act very quickly. If you have a complaint for example. It's also good to know that you have a dedicated contact person who never uses two words when one will do.

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