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You're proud of the real estate portfolio you've built up over the years, and rightly so! And of course, you want it to generate maximum returns. But at the same time, you also want your real estate to retain its value, and tenants to be as careful with your property as you are. At Level 5 Rental Agency, we understand this. Our experienced rental professionals know the market and screen tenants so that you can be sure of solid returns.

The Level 5 approach to an optimum return and rental process

  1. An in-depth conversation with you
    We believe we can only achieve a good match between you and tenants if we know you better. What does your real estate mean to you? Is it a solid investment or more of a piggybank for later? Share your plans with us. That way our rental professionals can find the right tenants for you. Even if you want to acquire more properties in the future, a talk with us can be highly enlightening.
  2. Thorough tenant screening
    No one knows the housing market in Rotterdam and Den Haag like our rental professionals. They're familiar with the world of expats, young professionals, housemates, students and foreign workers. For years, they have proved to be reliable tenants who consistently fulfil their obligations.
  3. A solid rental process
    Level 5 Rental Agency gives you complete peace of mind with the rental process: from promotion and viewing to rental contract and handover of the keys. It's also good to know that at Level 5, you always have one dedicated contact person who knows you and your property and can sort things out for you quickly.
  4. Careful monitoring of your property
    At Level 5 Rental Agency, we realize how important your real estate is to you. That's why we leave nothing to chance. During our inspections when tenants move out, we keep an extra eye on the things that matter to you. By clearly agreeing who is responsible for what, we avoid discussions later in the rental period. In addition, we closely follow developments in legislation. If your property needs to be adjusted to meet new regulations, we inform you as soon as possible. As a result, you can implement the necessary measures and your property can go back on the market as quickly as possible.

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